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Electrical Renovation Services in Bobcaygeon

Turn to Blodgett Electric Ltd for residential and commercial electrical renovation services in Bobcaygeon. We know that every electrical project calls for a reliable and honest contractor. Our commitment is to give our customers quality work, on time and for a fair price.

Why to renovate the electrical systems of your house?

If your house is considered as “old” in any description, then you might consider remodeling your house. With remodeling comes the unavoidable need of renovating electrical systems of your house. There are plenty of safety and improvement aspects connected to the changing old electrical system to the current practice. The major benefits are gaining insurability, removal of aluminum wiring, upgrade of main panels, installation of “SMART” home components, and expansion of the house and so on!

Why to hire a professional electrician for your renovation needs?

Though home renovations and remodeling projects help raising the value of your home as well as your delight of it; however, they can also be stressful especially if you don’t have the right electrical services company and contractor for the job. At Blodgett Electrical, we’ve been serving our clients to get a home of their dreams by designing electrical systems solutions surpassing each customer’s individual needs and expectations.

From customized lighting and power outlets, our professional approach to design and installation of electrical wiring in basements will allow you to rest easy knowing that we have taken everything into consideration.

Prominent Renovation Area

Kitchens are one of the most popular spots in a home for renovation and remodeling, and at Blodgett Electric Ltd, we offer all home and commercial upgrades (keep in mind; commercial places have common kitchens too) to make the kitchen look modern, convenient and comfortable for today’s users.

Just to share a quick number, in 60’s, a nominal kitchen used 8200 watts/47 amps of power. Today a nominal kitchen uses 24700 watts/145 amps. It has increased three times. In other words, today, a kitchen uses more power than an entire house used 50 years ago!

Let us help you; whether you need new or upgraded wiring for stoves, dishwashers, exhaust fans and hoods to installation of ceiling fans, task and cabinet lighting and lovely pendants. We will be more than glad to take your kitchen to the “Next Smart Level” and guide you along the way.

Mistakes we all make

Don’t wait until you have many electronic devices going into one outlet through an extension cord. Your breaker will keep tripping or worse, eventually you will burn a circuit. If you smell plastic or something burning call us. You notice your lights go dim after you start your dishwasher or air conditioner, give us a call immediately. We will evaluate if you need complete electrical system makeover or just a small work upgrade.

Renovating Electrical Systems

We offer free quotes for all our services

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